A Retreat For Women In Leadership

The Radical Retreat Experience is for women who are ready to go take their life to the next level. Bold, audacious, moxie-filled women who have a heart to mastermind, are visionaries ready to solve the biggest challenges, and are excited to gather together and inspire each other to think bigger!

It is time to unleash your RADICAL LIFE. It’s time to get unstuck and bring your visions and dreams into reality.

It's time to surround yourself with champions, sip some wine, and laugh out loud.

It’s time to shake off the shame, give yourself grace, and join Debra and Rebekah to propel yourself into the most amazing, transformative experience.

You will experience 3 life-changing days ocean front. Get ready to immerse yourself in the masterminding, mentorship, networking, and self-care time you have been craving to slay your tenacious, audacious goals!

Pull out your cape. Step into your courage.

Dare to define, design, and declare your dream visions and desires.


Here‘s What You’ll Achieve During Our
Radical 3-Day Retreat Experience:

Refine your personal soul code and align it with your goals

Discover your "big why" behind it all and make it come to life

Create margin in your life to invest time doing more of what you love in your life

Design a vision and collaboration plan to achieve your most audacious goals

Learn the art of habit building to level up your success and happiness

GET UNSTUCK and conquer the self-limiting beliefs you are speaking into yourself

Shine a light on growth opportunities

How to love and leverage your failures

Discover your core beliefs about money and success

We know you.

You are ready for a new level - it feels like it is going to BURST out of you - and you are ready to do what it takes to get there.

You have also said one or more of these things to yourself:

  • “I have audacious plans and desires –but never seem to find the time to give them life.”
  • “I am doing well, but I am ready for the next level and feel stalled.”
  • “I am ready to make a bigger impact –but I’m not sure where to start.”
  • “I crave expertise and support from fellow high-performance women to propel me forward.”

Maybe you…

  • are looking for a advice on how to break through the self-limiting thoughts and barriers that are holding you back from achieving higher levels of success.
  • need to define a crystal clear direction on what to do next to reach your goals
  • want to eliminate competition and comparison anxiety from your life
  • no longer desire to be affected by criticism and stop caring what people think of you
  • need help to stop procrastinating or delaying and START living the life you imagine
  • have a new project on your heart you’d like to bring to life and need help moving forward.
  • are finally ready to bring another level of bliss and significance into your personal and professional endeavors.

During our three radical days together we will help you define and design a magnificent vision for your life. You’ll learn how to align your goals with your values and passions and propel yourself into taking RADICAL action…

Believe us, we know focusing on yourself often feels like a luxury and the research consistently shows that women put themselves LAST on their to do list. It’s time to reclaim some of that time back. During our time together, we plan to weave together moments of merriment with relaxation, reflection, and radically transformative work

Are you ready to create bigger results than you ever thought to imagine?

We will be there to guide you every single step of the way and are so honored to serve you in this way!

We completely embrace and rejoice that we were born to share our decades of experience with others. You will be able to tap into the lessons from each success and failure we’ve experienced and the research we have done to write and sell tens of thousands of books. We will share what we learned while speaking on stages across the globe, guest blogging on world-renowned websites, and appearing in the media – as well as the processes we built while consulting top brands in the world and coaching brilliant, premier clients in a plethora of industries.

If you are thinking, but success isn’t all about dollars and deeds – you are in the right place.

We believe success is something each one of us needs to define and vision cast, so we will be walking through exercises to write and challenge your definitions while we are together!

It’s time to take your life to a much higher level and become the agent of impact and inspiration you were always meant to be.

What do we require?

That you step up, be courageous, and TAKE SWIFT ACTION.

The mentoring needed to fulfill your potential and create the life of your dreams is a click away.

Are you ready?

10 people is the maximum number of participants we can host.

That’s why we ask you to fill out an application before we move you on to registration.

Each application is personally reviewed by each of us to make sure each and every participant is honored with a magnificent experience. We are looking for women who want to live out loud and are willing and able to connect well with others.


This RADICAL EXPERIENCE is for women who:

...know they are meant for more and ready to make it a reality

...are empowering, encouraging, collaborative, and inspiring

...are ready to become the MOST RADICAL versions of themselves

...have the desire AND courage to step up, speak out, and stand tall

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the date of the retreat be announced?
We will be announcing the retreat day soon. Add your name to the list and we will share all of the details VERY soon!
How many days will the retreat be?
We are planning a 3-day retreat schedule! Location and dates will be announced soon.

Your guides for this retreat are the co-founders of
The Radical Entrepreneur, Debra Trappen and Rebekah Radice!

This course is not open for enrollment.